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Papermodels are models made of paper....I have been doing this papermodelling for a couple of years now.
So I will try to write about the buildprocess of my ongoing builds now and then.


PapermodellingPosted by Johnny Svensson Sat, August 18, 2007 03:30:48

Now I have been cutting parts for the remaining 12 wheels on the ChiHa,and that took several hours.....but now all wheelparts are ready for some edgepainting.Such repetative work can really get you fed up smiley The good thing though is that now it's just the assembly left,and I hope that will be done tomorrow.With all the wheels done I will continue the work on the suspension.

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All parts that will show white edges has to be painted,picky work but really worth the effort in the end.The finished model will look a lot better!!

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